Arlene FL - First & Foremost Ep

Arlene FL – First & Foremost Ep

First & Foremost EP by Arlene is a total game-changer. It`s the first project I`ve listened to from start to finish without finding any reason to skip one song as it happens often when you eventually stumble upon a track on the project that you do not vibe with entirely.  The craftsmanship in the production, the delivery, and the arrangement of the tracks deserve some serious recognition.

Arlene dropped this project recently, and it’s kind of surprising how it’s not buzzing as much as it should be. Picking a favorite track from this EP is no easy task, but if I had to choose, “Finesse” on track 6 is pure gold. The vibes it brings, anytime, any day, are just unmatched.

The Hip Hop scene in Nigeria is evolving, and Arlene is making her mark. I mean, the last time I was this thrilled about a female rapper’s project was probably during the unveiling of Lifesize Teddy at Mavin Records. Arlene’s got that undeniable sauce, and it’s about time people take notice!

If you haven’t checked out the “First and Foremost EP” yet, you’re missing out on some serious heat! I`ve added links to help you dive in!

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