Crayon’s ‘TRENCH TO TRIUMPH’ – A complete piece of art.

These days, you`ll agree with me that there are a lot of people singing with all the plugins and autotune and all other top-notch requirements to disguise actual talent and hard work. But very often the question is – Does the music stand the test of time? Or does it deliver heartfelt connections that often last forever? It’s on this note that I dive into Crayon’s latest album, “TRENCH TO TRIUMPH,” and specifically zoom in on the track “GOOD DAY.” This song is an absolute gem and one of my personal favorites, second only to “Ngozi.”

From the very beginning of “GOOD DAY,” you’re greeted with a sense of serenity and purity that’s quite rare in today’s music landscape. While we often get carried away by the beats and vibes, it’s crucial to remember that the heart of music lies in its content, the lyrics.

“GOOD DAY” delivers a powerful message with lines like “Motisofun Eleda, make I no suffer later” and “Every day is a good day when money dey.” These lyrics are incredibly relatable to anyone who’s been on a journey to achieve their dreams and improve their life. It’s a motivating anthem for hustlers in various fields, reminding us to never give up on the pursuit of a better life.

Crayon’s album, “TRENCH TO TRIUMPH,” is indeed filled with musical gems that deserve a listen. His ability to create songs that resonate not only with you but with everyone striving for success and a brighter future is absolutely commendable. So, if you haven’t already, do yourself a favor and dive into the whole album because it’s packed with inspiration and great vibes.


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