Deluxe EP - Advocate the Chronicle

Deluxe EP – Advocate the Chronicle

Let me share a recent musical discovery lighting up my playlist! A fellow hip-hop enthusiast put me onto Advocate the Chronicle, and I decided to dive headfirst into his latest project, ‘Deluxe’ – and, it’s a real delight. This 5-song EP serves as a vivid showcase of the artist’s versatility and distinctive style, painting a picture of his creativity.

Every great artist has to start somewhere, and ‘Deluxe’ marks Advocate the Chronicle’s bold introduction to the world stage in my opinion. Trust me when I say, he’s a talent that deserves a prime spot on your playlist. While I’m not typically one to explore a wide range of musical genres, I’m always drawn to records that push the boundaries of artistry and experimentation. Advocate the Chronicle’s EP fits the bill perfectly.

Let me pull back the curtain and share my personal favorites from the project. First up, we have the closing track, ‘Next Wave,’ featuring D3my, which resonates deeply with its infectious energy. And then there’s ‘Mud of My Dreams,’ a track that finds its way straight to the depths of my heart with its emotive storytelling and soulful vibes.

Don’t just take my word for it. The true magic of ‘Deluxe’ lies in experiencing it firsthand. So, if you’re ready for a musical journey that’s equal parts innovative and captivating, I highly recommend tapping into Advocate the Chronicle’s EP. 

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