Desholar 'Melo and Idu'

Desholar kickstarts 2024 with ‘Melo and Idu’

Desholar brings the heat with a two-song single ‘Melo and Idu‘. There’s always an extra rush of excitement when discussing emerging artists who truly understands their craft and executes it with finesse. It’s easy to recognize those who sing or create music straight from the depths of their souls. For Desholar, ‘Melo and Idu’ kickstarts 2024 with a bang, and I have a hunch that more hits are on the horizon. While I can’t spill all the beans, I can confirm that an EP is in the works!
On ‘Melo’, the artist takes us on a journey through a past love he wishes hadn’t ended, while on ‘Idu’, surprisingly, he speaks in cryptic messages to a potential new flame, talking about the complexities of life and love while pledging unwavering support. With great storytelling, booming beats, and melodies that fill the room, hitting replay is a no-brainer! Listen to Melo and Idu and enjoy the vibes, and you’re welcome!

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