Duro - Kobena

Duro – Kobena

Recently, Kobena, whose versatility has truly caught my attention, released a new single titled “Duro.” When discovering an artist whom I’m not yet familiar with, it usually becomes evident after just a few songs whether they’re worth exploring further. In Kobena’s case, that decision seemed to happen almost effortlessly, almost as if it were made subconsciously. My introduction to his music dates back to when he debuted with “Sanity” back in 2022. It’s apparent that he’s diligently crafting a distinct style and discography that promises to blossom beautifully over time.

I’m not too familiar with Kobena outside of these two songs, but he’s definitely on my radar and I will be looking forward to hearing what he has in store in the future. Take some time out of your day to check out this brand-new record below, and if you like what you hear, share this record with a friend! 

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