In this part of the world, there are lots of artists who go beyond just creating music – they’re storytellers, messengers, and cultural conduits. Wizard Chan, a remarkable artist of Ijaw origin in Nigeria, recently released a track titled “Earth Song,” and it’s actually one of a kind so let us talk about it for a minute.

Earth Song is a deep dive into the essence of Wizard Chan’s artistry and his connection to his heritage. Often described as the messenger of the creator and the mouthpiece of the ancestors, Wizard Chan takes on a role that transcends music – he’s a bridge between tradition and modernity. The lyrics of “Earth Song” embody a profound meaning that sheds light on who Wizard Chan is as an artist and his origins. His words carry weight, touching on themes that are deeply rooted in his culture and upbringing

But it doesn’t stop with the lyrics alone. The visuals for “Earth Song” are a work of art in themselves. Directed by the talented Jyde Ajala, the visuals enhance the song’s message with a powerful visual approach. The duo collaboration is nothing short of outstanding. They’ve managed to capture the essence of “Earth Song” in a way that resonates deeply with viewers.

Recently nominated for the song writer of the year and best alternative song of the year by the Headies sheds more light on who He is as an artist and why you should undoubtedly check him out! I guarantee you`d be pleased you came across this!

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