Everyday - Fireboy Dml

Everyday – Fireboy Dml

It’s always a treat when you stumble upon new music or a project from Fireboy DML. As soon as I hit play on “Everyday,” his latest track, I found myself instantly drawn in. From the very beginning, the intro had me unconsciously nodding my head along to the rhythm, gradually cranking up the volume to the max! Well, I figured if I’m enjoying it, why not let the neighbors in on the goodness too, right? Hell yeah!

The Yoruba boy has truly crafted an impressive body of work, with a series of consistently boundary-pushing projects, each painted with his unique groove and impeccable cadences. I could rattle off a list of his songs that slap from now until you finish reading this article, and there’d still be room for more.

In an industry where forced facades often dominate, Fireboy is that artist who breaks the mold. He tells his stories in a way that’s authentic to him, rather than conforming to what might be considered commercially viable. And that’s just the cherry on top of his already compelling sound.

Enjoy Everyday now! I`ve included links to assist you to it!

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