Evil Twin - Psycho Yp and Jeriq

Evil Twin – Psycho Yp and Jeriq

Psycho Yp and Jeriq recently collaborated on a stellar EP named “Evil Twin,” and it’s been topping charts since its release, especially considering the unique challenges faced by domestic hip-hop artists in Nigeria. In a country where hip-hop is popular but often dominated by international artists, it’s commendable to see talents like Psycho Yp and Jeriq striving to change this narrative.

Now, let’s talk about the EP itself – it’s brilliant! Consisting of five tracks, it captures the very essence of hip-hop. For me, it all started with Bando Diaries a few years back when I first discovered Psycho Yp. He’s undeniably one of the standout artists in the genre, and this collaboration with Jeriq only solidifies that notion.

The synergy between Psycho Yp and Jeriq on “Evil Twin” is truly special. The title perfectly encapsulates their partnership – they seem like the evil twin counterparts, complementing each other flawlessly. It becomes even better seeing Phyno on track 4. Talk about adding some heat to the mix!

Hop in quickly and find out for yourself!

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