Firstklaz - Genji Fuji

Firstklaz – Gen-Z Fuji

Discovering a purposeful body of work that reaffirms our passion as writers is truly special. Our mission is to champion the very best talents from the underground scene, and that’s precisely what has led me here once more today.

Firstklaz, who recently unleashed his single “Gen-z Fuji,” catapulted him into the spotlight. In a music landscape as densely populated as Nigeria’s, creativity within the studio is just the beginning. To truly make waves, artists need to step outside conventional norms and craft exceptional video content. FirstKlaz brings a distinctive flair to not just his music but also his video content creation, album art, and even his fashion sense. He’s a package of innovation.

Speaking of the music, it`s almost certain that Gen-z Fuji is the coolest song you`re gonna listen to this weekend. It is also very creative to have this track open things up for the year. This hints at an exciting journey ahead, with a promise of a truckload of exceptional creations in the works. Don’t miss the train – join the legion of listeners and performers!

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