GoodGirl La - Lethal

GoodGirl La – Lethal

Good Girl La is undeniably one of those remarkable artists who have the ability to send shivers down your spine and leave a mark on your musical senses from the very first listen. My personal encounter with her music dates back to 2021 when she collaborated with Vector on the track ‘Early Momo.’ From that moment, I was hooked on her captivating and soothing melodies.

Fast forward to the present, and Good Girl La has graced us with her latest track, ‘Lethal.’ This song and the vibe it exudes are unparalleled. It’s safe to say that her fans have been craving her music for quite some time, and ‘Lethal’ is like a breath of fresh for all of them.

As someone who’s been following her journey, I can’t contain my excitement for what the future holds in her discography.

Good Girl La is back, and ‘Lethal’ is the proof we’ve all been waiting for.

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