Hopeless Romantic - F3line

Hopeless Romantic – F3line

On Hopeless Romantic, a follow-up EP to F3line’s debut song featured on this blog – Day 1, the singer paints a landscape burdened by her struggle to reconcile wishful thinking with the realities of love, a theme prevalent throughout the lyrics. The EP commences with a confession on the first track: “In the morning when I wake up and with no makeup, Baby I will ride for you, Baby I will die for you.” Many often utter such sentiments when deeply enamored, don’t they? I suppose your answer is likely affirmative. However, reality often diverges from this idealized notion, hence the apt title ‘Stupid Love’. 

Day one – the second track on this project is one that I truly enjoyed listening to. Cloudy, ethereal instrumental sounds harmonize seamlessly with her soft and inviting voice. Also, experiencing F3line perform the song live at ‘BREAKING THE YOKE OF LOVE’ hosted by Blaqbonez last year was truly soothing. Her unwavering progression is impressive, and there’s a wealth of material yet to be unveiled. Not a track goes by without the urge to hit the replay button! All five tracks on Hopeless Romantic hit the right spots from start to finish. Now hop on this piece of art if you`d love to see F3line removed from the “Artists We’ve Been Sleeping On” list!

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