How I Live [Llona]

How I Live [Llona]

Llona has been a name popping up a lot recently. I vividly remember tuning in to one of his tracks featuring Bella Shmurda not too long ago. Now, his latest piece, “How I Live,” a track that takes on an emotional journey, reflecting on past experiences and how they continue to shape our present lives.

This song carries a poignant undertone, delving into themes of longing for forgiveness while navigating the steady hustle of life. The more you listen, it becomes crystal clear that Llona draws inspiration from personal experiences, turning them into a melodic narrative that resonates with many. It’s a powerful exploration of the complexities we face, often finding it challenging to express or articulate our struggles.

Llona’s music is truly relatable. Many individuals share similar experiences but often find it difficult to put those feelings into words. Llona becomes a voice for those unspoken emotions, providing a sense of comfort and understanding through his music. Personal battles can be isolating, it’s comforting to know that artists like Llona lay bare their own struggles, letting others know they are not alone.

This track is for you reading this right now! Hop in!

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