Iboro and the Ibibio Ipod - Paybac

Iboro and the Ibibio Ipod – Paybac & Monki Bznzz

Iboro and the Ibibio Ipod is a thoroughly satisfying album by Monki Bznzz and Paybac – a name I’m honored to be writing about on this blog. Nestled in the heart of the hip-hop industry, Paybac stands tall as a luminary, boasting two Headies nominations. The rapper’s genius has shaped classic projects such as “West African Goat,” “Album of the Year,” and “Cult,” which remain cherished projects in the hearts of his fans. Now, he gifts the world with even more classics to listen to.

Iboro and the Ibibio Ipod, a 9-track project is a tapestry woven with musical brilliance, which will keep you glued to your headphones. Each track resonates with a unique energy, blending genres seamlessly and capturing the essence of raw emotion. Among my personal favorites from the album are “Heaven” and “Lovesick.” Now available on all streaming platforms, Iboro and the Ibibio Ipod await your ears. Enjoy!

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