If Life Gives You Lemons

If Life Gives You Lemons – Lemon Vinyl (Album)

Lemon Vinyl graced us with an exceptionally remarkable album titled “IF LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS.” I’ve previously shared my thoughts on two singles from the album, “Faraway” and “Opic,” which they teased us with before dropping the full project. Now, having experienced the entire album, I can’t help but express my excitement over the plethora of talented artists featured in this project, such as Boydelian, Shorae Moore, 6Hy, Daddyluwa, and many others!

Upon listening to the album, I found myself unable to resist the urge to listen repeatedly, compelled to translate the greatness of each track into words. It became a process of capturing the authenticity of the emotions and feelings that flowed from my ears and heart to my pen. The more I tried to write about the authenticity of this project, the more challenging it became to find the right words. 

From peaking nostalgia to hard drill beats, be rest assured you will switch from one vibe to the other. Each track carries a unique essence, crafted by acts that I genuinely admire, including the incredibly talented Boydelian, Aenyi, Shorae Moore, and others.

I have to pause my reflections here because the urge to dive back into the album is too strong to resist. So, will you be joining me? I guess that’s a yes!  Tap in below!

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