Kblacktheblack - Know you

Kblacktheblack kickstarts project rollout with lead single – Know You

It comes as no surprise that we’re sharing the Playbinn spotlight today with Kblacktheblack, a modern-day rapper whose music has consistently impressed!  Kblacktheblack has just unveiled a brand new facet of his artistry with ‘Harmattan Love Story’ – an upcoming project set to drop officially on March 15, 2024. 

The project’s inaugural track and lead single, “Know You,” made its debut a few days back, setting the tone for what’s to come. In this enchanting tune, Kblacktheblack opens up a window into his world, inviting listeners on a journey to acquaint themselves with a love interest who serves as the muse for his lyrical memoirs. Produced by the talented Maejor Kresh, “Know You” boasts a lustrous blend of R&B and soul, accentuated by the addition of newcomer 9th Degree to the mix.

The track serves as a heartfelt declaration of Kblacktheblack’s intentions to explore the depths of romance with his beloved. With a sense of passion and joy, both Kblacktheblack and 9th Degree infuse the song with an infectious energy that makes it the perfect soundtrack for wooing hearts.

So, if you’re craving something fresh and soul-stirring, don’t hesitate to tap into the captivating sounds of “Know You” by Kblacktheblack! Also, ensure you pre-save the project to get notified first when it goes live!

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