Kendrick Lamar Not Like Us

Kendrick Lamar returns with another diss track – Not Like Us

Kendrick Lamar has returned with another diss track titled – Not Like Us. Released on Saturday night, the track features Kendrick rhyming over a beat produced by Mustard, delivering explosive shots at Drake. In Not Like Us, Lamar accuses Drake and his “OV Hoe” team of being pedophiles. The song’s artwork depicts an aerial view of Drake’s mansion outside of Toronto, adorned with red sex offender symbols.

Drake, I hear you like ’em young You better not ever go to cell block one To any bitch that talk to him and layin’ love Just make sure you hide your little sister from ’em They tell me Chubbs the only one that get your hammy downs Then party at the party playin’ with his nose now […} Certified lover boy… certified pedophile” “You tried to strike a chord and it’s probably A minor,”

In his verses, Kendrick raps about Drake’s alleged preference for young girls, cautioning listeners to protect their younger siblings from him. He also aims at Drake’s collaborations with artists from Atlanta, claiming that Drake is using these partnerships for “false street cred” and referring to Drake as a “fucking colonizer.”

The track follows Kendrick’s previous diss track, “Meet the Grahams,” where he accuses Drake of being a “deadbeat” father and suggests that Drake is hiding another child. Drake responded to these allegations humorously on his Instagram Story, jokingly asking someone to find his hidden daughter.

Drake fired back with “Family Matters,” addressing Kendrick’s alleged infidelity and suggesting that one of Kendrick’s children could belong to his business partner, Dave Free. The ongoing feud escalated after the release of Metro Boomin and Future’s “Like That,” featuring a controversial Kendrick verse targeting both Drake and J. Cole.

While Cole initially faced criticism for apologizing and removing his diss track aimed at Kendrick, public opinion shifted as the battle between Drake and Kendrick intensified. Drake has implied that Kendrick assaulted his fiancée, Whitney Alford, and suggested that Dave Free is the biological father of Kendrick’s son. On the other hand, Kendrick has accused Drake of having an 11-year-old daughter and being a pedophile.

Who wins the battle?

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