Lebryan - 'Vibes: The Project'

Lebryan – ‘Vibes: The Project’

Lebryan is truly one of those artists who capture your attention and hold onto it. It’s almost serendipitous how I stumbled upon his latest project, ‘Vibes: The Project,’ just about 30 minutes before sitting down to write about it. Let me take you through what I discovered.

The opening track, “I Like” featuring Sawyer Gibson, is an absolute auditory delight. From the very first note, it exudes a coolness that’s maintained throughout the entire track, leaving you hooked from start to finish. Lebryan has managed to infuse this song with a unique blend of rhythm and style, making it an instant hit for anyone.

But that’s not all; ‘Vibes: The Project’ offers a feeling that goes beyond this fantastic opening track. Lebryan collaborates with a diverse array of artists on this project, including the likes of Psycho Yp, Mwana Congo, Alex Antetokoumpo, and a few others. Each collaboration adds a distinct flavor to the overall vibe of the project!

So, if you’re on the lookout for an album that promises to elevate your listening experience, ‘Vibes: The Project’ is an absolute must-listen. Tap in now!

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