Little Simz - Drop 7

Little Simz – Drop 7

Little Simz, the British rapper, just blessed us with her latest EP, titled “Drop 7.” This EP marks her 20th studio project—a milestone that’s downright mind-blowing considering she’s only 29 years old. Now, I’ve been vibing to Little Simz for a minute, but this marks my inaugural dive into discussing her music, especially here on the blog.

Drop 7 is like peering through a fascinating window into the rapper’s current state of mind, each track serving as a snapshot captured in the perfect flash of strobe lights. Seriously, hit play on this EP, and I can guarantee that you’ll be bopping along to the music!

But wait, I can’t sign off without sharing my  favorite track from this gem of a project. “Far Away” takes the cake for me. It’s a heart-wrenching ode, with racing percussion set against haunting piano chords, weaving a tale of longing and distance that hits you right in the feels.

Heres a link to the full meal! Hope you enjoy it!

Enjoy this one!

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