Luca Zuccotti

Luca Zuccotti Returns with Another Spectacular track – Back Up

Welcome back to the latest sensation from Luca Zuccotti! By now, you’ve probably caught wind of sneak peeks of this musical masterpiece during the exclusive interview with none other than Burna Boy and the Beta Squad. The track in question, “Back up,” not only packs a punch but also tickles your funny bone. It’s all the more amusing because it’s delivered by a talented artist from a different background, which makes it even more commendable.

Luca’s remarkable ability to integrate local Nigerian words and slang into the song while maintaining its rhythmic flow and tempo is really satisfying and praiseworthy. A few weeks ago Luca marked his first spot on this blog with the release of Twist and Turn – a track that really banged! I`m quite impressed he has continued on the same route and frequency!

In a genre like Afrobeats, where authenticity is key, Luca stands out as a non-native artist who respects the art and excels in it. He doesn’t just sing songs; he captures the essence and vibe of the genre, making his covers unique and impressive.

Check out “Back up” now!

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