Mayorkun's "Love...For Free" EP

Mayorkun’s “Love…For Free” EP

It’s not often that an artist can captivate the audience and maintain their spellbinding hold even days after a release. Mayorkun’s EP, “Love…For Free,” is one such rare gem that continues to shine as a favorite pick for today’s publishing, even days after its launch. With each track, the artist showcases his unparalleled wordplay and songwriting skills, all accompanied by his signature breezy flow. 

The release of “Lowkey,” a single from this EP, was the first hint that Mayorkun was not ready to relinquish his lyrical skills. In fact, he’s taken it to a whole new level. The song is such a piece of meaningful, relatable music. 

As we journey through the tracks of this project, it becomes evident that Mayorkun peels away the layers of a romance that has gone sour, inviting his audience to join him in his process of healing.

Each song on the EP is like a page from his diary, allowing us to see the vulnerability beneath the artist’s charismatic exterior. 

If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to tap into the emotional landscapes he’s crafted with “Love…For Free.” This one is truly special and deserves a spot in your playlist.

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