Odumodublvck Unveils 'EZEOKWU' Album: The Truth

Odumodublvck Unveils ‘EZEOKWU’ Album: The Truth!

Allow me to take you through Odumodublvck’s latest masterpiece, the album titled “EZEOKWU.” In his native Igbo language, “EZEOKWU” translates to “the truth,” and this album is nothing short of a revelation.

Across the 14 tracks that make up this remarkable project, Odumodublvck not only showcases his undeniable musical talent but also delves deep into his roots and identity. The album serves as a canvas on which he paints his story, tracing his origins and laying out the dreams that continue to shape his path.

Each track in “EZEOKWU” expands the horizons of his signature “okporoko” sounds, a genre he’s become synonymous with. The fusion of traditional Igbo rhythms with contemporary beats creates a unique and mesmerizing listening experience.

From the moment the album dropped, the hood has not stopped vibing along!

I felt compelled to write about this release because I believe it’s something you should not miss out on!

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