Oluwamillar - Agbalagbi/Beef Deyy

Oluwamillar – Agbalagbi/Beef Deyy

If you’re a fan of emerging artists, you’ve got to check out Oluwamillar’s newest release – a 2-pack single that’s causing quite a stir. This project consists of two tracks: “Agbalagbi” and “Beef deyy.” But let’s focus on what’s arguably the standout gem in this duo, “Agbalagbi.”

“Agbalagbi” immediately grabs your attention with its infectious drill vibe. The fusion of Yoruba and English lyrics is nothing short of impressive. Oluwamillar switches between the two languages while maintaining the song’s rhythm. The way he seamlessly blends Yoruba and English in his verses adds a unique layer to the track!

The cover art for this project is a piece of art in itself. It features an indigenous Yoruba figure, and it’s adorned with various elements that, intriguingly, Oluwamillar has left for his audience to interpret. It’s a brilliant move, inviting listeners to engage with the artwork on a personal level, drawing their own meaning from the imagery.

Music, as we all know is often accompanied by visually striking cover art, “Agbalagbi” excels in both departments. It’s a complete artistic package. It’s clear that Oluwamillar is on a mission to deliver innovative and meaningful content to his audience.

That being said, Listen to Agbalagbi Below!

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