Online [Aktheking ft Psycho Yp]

Online [Aktheking ft Psycho Yp]

My excitement levels peak when I stumble upon a fresh new rapper I hadn’t heard about—none other than Aktheking. What caught my attention even more was his collaboration with Psycho YP in their latest track, “Online.” This isn’t your typical rap song with the familiar beats; instead, it’s a dance record that’s bound to have you nodding your head, especially if you’re too fatigued to hit the dance floor.

Right from the intro, I couldn’t help but draw parallels to Olamide’s hit track “First of All” that dominated a few years back. The vibe is infectious, with bars seamlessly woven throughout the track by both Aktheking and Psycho YP. What’s impressive is that it’s not just a treat for rap enthusiasts like myself but also a groove for dancers and those who relish pop records.

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