President Zik - See you soon Vol. 2

President Zik – See you soon Vol. 2

Hey there! President Zik recently released the second installment of his series, and it’s called “See You Soon EP.” This four-song project dives deep into the heart of Rap, bringing out the true essence of the genre. Abuja, Nigeria, is home to a vibrant Hiphop scene, boasting a multitude of talented artists, with President Zik and a few others reigning supreme.

Interestingly, it’s not just President Zik who’s been dropping great music. On the same day, a bunch of other artists from Abuja dropped their projects too! It’s like a musical feast for fans, with diverse sounds and styles to explore. If you haven’t checked out “See You Soon EP” yet, it’s worth taking some time to immerse yourself in this musical gem. President Zik and his fellow artists are showcasing the richness of Nigerian Hip-hop, Tap in and take part in the fun!

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