Pressure [Musta4a]

Pressure [Musta4a]

Let’s rewind a bit to when Musta4a first caught my attention with his EP ‘Serenade’ produced by the talented Kaycekeys. Since then, I’ve been closely following this burgeoning artist, and his latest track, “Pressure,” has once again solidified his place in today’s spotlight.

I particularly like how much he invests in his writing. Attacking the beats straight to the point, trying to paint the ideal Playboy vibe whilst maintaining composure. It’s refreshing to see an artist who steers clear of the common trend of using vulgar and meaningless words that often saturate today’s afro music landscape.

As I listen to “Pressure,” I can’t help but appreciate Musta4a’s dedication to his craft. It’s evident that he’s not just creating music; he’s curating an experience. I’m genuinely excited about the potential for him to reach new heights in his career.

So, why not join me in supporting this unique talent? Take a moment to listen to “Pressure” and secure your spot among the few who recognized Musta4a’s brilliance before he reaches global acclaim. 

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