Puerto Rican Baby by Mani Lapussh and Kevtopo

Puerto Rican Baby by Mani Lapussh and Kevtopo

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of listening to a lot of new music, and one track, in particular, left me in awe. It was “Puerto Rican Baby” by Mani Lapussh, featuring the talented Puerto Rican artist, Kevtopo. 

This track seamlessly fused cultures and musical styles. It’s truly fascinating to witness foreign artists not only embrace afrobeats but also excel in delivering outstanding performances with their vocals and overall vibe. Mani Lapussh, a Nigerian singer, proudly labels his genre as Afro World. It`s great to witness Afrobeats fostering the birth of exciting sub-genres. 

As I listened to “Puerto Rican Baby,” I couldn’t help but be inspired by the sheer creativity and innovation that artists like Mani Lapussh and Kevtopo bring to the table. If you haven’t already experienced  “Puerto Rican Baby,” I wholeheartedly encourage you to tap into Mani Lapussh’s latest creation!

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