Rema's latest song with Columbian artist 'FEID'

Rema’s latest song with Columbian artist ‘FEID’

Behind every masterpiece, there’s a story waiting to be told and Rema’s latest collaboration with Colombian artist FEID, titled “Bubalu” is one to be talked about.  Rema is on fire once again, and he’s proving that he’s the real deal in this track.

What makes “Bubalu” stand out is Rema’s versatility. He effortlessly switches between English and Spanish, showcasing his linguistic skills and global appeal. It’s impressive how he seamlessly blends these languages while maintaining the song’s captivating vibe.

The chemistry between Rema and FEID is undeniable. They make for a dynamic duo in this track, infusing it with their unique styles and energy.


Now, FEID’s Spotify presence – a staggering 38.7 million monthly listeners is a remarkable achievement, and it speaks to his widespread popularity. With “Bubalu” being such a hit, it’s no surprise that this number is set to climb even higher.

As for the song itself, “Bubalu” is a solid track filled with love and emotion. It’s the kind of song that you’ll want to play on repeat. The catchy melodies, combined with Rema and FEID’s smooth vocals, create a musical experience that’s impossible to resist.

Check it out below!

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