Shallipopi unveils 2 singles -  'Pepperline' and 'Things on Things'

Shallipopi unveils 2 singles –  ‘Pepperline’ and ‘Things on Things’

Shallipopi is making waves with the release of two fresh and entertaining singles, “Pepperline” and “Things on Things.” But that’s not all – he’s also dropped two music videos on YouTube to accompany these tracks – “Obapluto” and “Things on Things.”

Shallipopi`s unconventional approach to music sparked quite the discussion on Twitter. Some users from this side of the world found his style, especially in “Pepperline” and “Things on Things,” to be rather humorous, even suggesting that his music seemed tailored for children. However, Shallipopi had a swift and witty response to these comments, explaining that his primary goal is to entertain, not necessarily to conform to everyone’s expectations. 

“Obapluto” stands out as a video among videos. This visually captivating masterpiece offers a window into the culture of the Benin people. The video beautifully portrays a cultural myth that deems it an abomination to see the queen’s teeth. In line with this belief, the ladies in the palace are seen holding handkerchiefs over their mouths, creating a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere. The attention to detail in this video is astounding and provides viewers with a fresh perspective on the cultural richness of Nigeria.

In summary, Shallipopi’s recent releases are not only musically entertaining but also visually stunning. These projects not only showcase his talent but also highlight his commitment to offering something unique to his audience. So, don’t miss out – go give these tracks and videos a listen and have a good laugh while doing so. Shallipopi is here to remind us that music is meant to be fun and enjoyable! Tap in below!

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