Shallipoppi & Zerrydl – 'Puff and Pass.'

Shallipoppi, Zerrydl – ‘Puff and Pass.’

Just a few days after the grand introduction of his record label – Plutomania Records, Shallipoppi, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, joined forces with the incredibly talented Zerrydl to produce a track that’s already turning heads – ‘Puff and Pass.’

Now, the names Shallipoppi and Zerrydl might not be unfamiliar to those who’ve been closely following the music scene in Nigeria. Both artists have been steadily gaining recognition and momentum for some time. What makes them stand out, however, is their distinct style and their dedication to creating music that tells a story.

Their songs are more than just catchy beats and hooks; they are narratives that resonate with their audience. The lyrics are carefully crafted, often carrying messages and themes, and they’ve earned a loyal fanbase for their efforts.

One thing that truly sets Shallipoppi and Zerrydl apart from the crowd is their penchant for lyrical storytelling. These artists aren’t afraid to use their craft to address deeper issues, connect with their listeners on a personal level, and offer a refreshing change of pace.

But the excitement doesn’t end with the release of ‘Puff and Pass.’ These artists have taken it a step further by dropping an official music video alongside the track’s release. This visual masterpiece adds another layer of depth to their already captivating music. It’s a feast for the eyes, offering a unique visual experience that complements the track’s narrative beautifully.

That being said, enjoy!

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