Tar1q – All I Felt (EP)

I think I spent more time looping the first track off of Tar1q`s ALL I FELT EP and I`m not sure why. I guess when a song is great, you subconsciously want to prolong the listening period. It’s an outstanding piece of music. 

Starting with the opening track, ‘Away,’ and progressing through to the final song, ‘KupE,’ Tar1q maintains a consistent level of nostalgia that enhances the overall experience. It keeps you immersed in the same mood you initially tapped into when you hit play. Each track feels like a perfectly placed puzzle piece, contributing to the overall narrative of the EP.

This EP evokes a strong sense of nostalgia. As you listen, it’s almost impossible not to reminisce deeply. The melodies and lyrics transport you to a different time, triggering emotions and memories you might have thought were long forgotten.

What are you waiting for? grab your headphones, and let the nostalgia and emotion wash over you. Tar1q has truly created something special here, you`ll love it!

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