The Lemon Vinyl, Boydelian and Daddyluwa - Drops of Lemon

The Lemon Vinyl, Boydelian and Daddyluwa – Drops of Lemon

The Lemon Vinyl has blessed us with ‘Drops of Lemon,’ a two-pack Afro-pop single featuring Boydelian and Daddyluwa. These tracks have earned their well-deserved spot in today’s publication because, believe me, they’re special.

First up is “Faraway” featuring Boydelian. This track is the kind of cool song that can kickstart any project and effortlessly find its way onto any playlist, regardless of the time. Boydelian’s performance in this piece is unapologetically the dopest thing about this project. He graces us with his soft, captivating voice that has the power to draw you deep into the heart of the song. 

Now, let’s talk about “Opic,” featuring Daddyluwa, the second track on this project. It’s a whole different vibe from the first one, and that’s what makes this two-pack so intriguing. “Opic” exudes a distinct drill vibe, with Daddyluwa skillfully weaving in and out of lyrics while perfectly syncing with the rhythm of the beats. Kudos to the producers and everyone who worked behind the scenes to create these banger songs. They’ve certainly set the bar high!

Jump in now!

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