One of the most intriguing aspects of HOMA’s style is its striking resemblance to Burna boy’s signature delivery. It’s no surprise, really, given that Port Harcourt has a knack for producing musical giants, and it seems like HOMA is well on his way to joining those ranks.

Burna boy isn’t the only influence in HOMA’s musical journey. Like many great artists, he has a diverse range of inspirations that have shaped his sound. These early influences have contributed to the evolution of his music. From Afrocentric deep vocals to sultry seductive tones, HOMA’s sonic journey is a captivating one.

Now, let’s talk about his latest release, “Time And Chance.” This track is a window into who HOMA is as an artist. “Time And Chance” is a fire-filled, lyrical masterpiece. The epic lyricism and smooth flow in this song showcase his talent and versatility.

As you listen to “Time And Chance,” you’ll notice the rich blend of influences that have shaped HOMA’s unique style. It’s not just about mimicking the greats but incorporating their essence into something fresh and exciting.

Keep an eye out for HOMA. He’s an emerging artist with immense potential, and “Time And Chance” is just the beginning of what promises to be an exciting musical journey. If you’re a fan of Burna boy or simply appreciate innovative and evocative music, HOMA is an artist you won’t want to miss.

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