Tonee C drops the final installment of 50 Shades (Part 5)

Tonee C drops the final installment of 50 Shades (Part 5)

The finale of the 50 Shades series dropped a few days ago! Now, let me take you back to when I first dived into Toneec’s discography – it was when he unleashed the second part of this epic project (50Shades part 2 – Balance). Fast forward to today, and I can confidently say this is a major milestone for the rising rapper.

It’s on infrequent occasions that an artist drops more than 50 tracks in a single year. And we’re not talking about just any tunes – we’re talking about genuine, soul-stirring music. The last piece of the puzzle, “50 Shades part 5 – Magic,” is like the living, breathing embodiment of enchantment and wonder. It’s magical, alright!

I’ve been spinning some tracks off the album, and the vibe is unparalleled. Picture this: nightfall, the tunes filling the room with an energy that’s simply indescribable. It’s an experience, to say the least.

Let me give you a sneak peek into my favorites from this masterpiece – “THE GREATEST” and “THUG PARADISE.” Trust me; these tracks are pure gold. With 10 solid tracks waiting to captivate you, the album is ready and waiting. Don’t miss out!

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