Fake Love - Welmz

Welmz unveils new single ‘Fake Love’

I’ve got to say, Welmz`s new single ‘Fake Love‘ is definitely hitting the right notes for me this week. You know, I initially thought it was Magixx singing when I first listened to it – that good! But discovering it’s an emerging artist just adds to the excitement.

Welmz seems to be drawing inspiration from some heavy hitters like Justin Bieber, Joeboy, and Fireboy, which is a solid foundation. It’s refreshing to see new artists bringing their unique flavor to the scene. I took a dive into his discography after “Fake Love,” and it’s impressive. What really caught my attention is his collaborations with big names like Barry Jhay and Teni – that’s a stamp of approval right there.

I’m genuinely excited about what Welmz has in store for the future. It’s always awesome to discover talent that has that potential to make waves in the industry. Count me in as one of his supporters from now on! 

Hey, before you go, since you’ve made it this far, would you mind spreading the word about Welmz’s latest single ‘Fake Love’ to a friend? Appreciate it!

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