Earlier today, we all listened to a latest release from Sarz on the beat, with assistance from Crayon and Skrillex and it was nothing short of amazing, setting the music scene lit.
Sarz, the Nigerian beatmaker extraordinaire, needs no introduction. Known for his fierce beats and unrivaled production skills, he’s a force to be reckoned with in the industry. In this latest release, he once again showcases his ability to craft beats that are not just catchy but also have a unique flavor. It’s the foundation upon which Captain Hook’s vocal contribution thrived. At first instance, many listeners thought it was Wizkid, but it’s Captain Hook (Crayon) himself lending his captivating voice to the song. This unexpected twist adds depth and a touch of mystery to the track, proving once again that Crayon is a versatile artist who can switch gears effortlessly. And then, there’s Skrillex. The name alone is synonymous with electronic music innovation. In this collaboration, Skrillex does what he does best—pushing the boundaries of sound.
What’s truly remarkable about this release is the sheer dedication and work ethic of these three artists. Crafting a song of this caliber demands not only talent but also countless hours in the studio, experimenting, fine-tuning, and striving for perfection. We all know that Excellence in music doesn’t come easy; especially in this part of the world where competition is a regular thing. It’s the result of relentless commitment to the craft.
So, turn up the volume and immerse yourself in the world of musical genius crafted by these three remarkable artists.

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