Zigahnu - Missing in Action

Zigahnu – Missing in Action

Earlier today, Zigahnu graced us with a delightful two-song single, bearing the title ‘Missing in Action,’ and it’s undoubtedly among the standout releases of this Friday. This talented artist hailing from the city of Port Harcourt is a shining example of emerging talent in the music scene. It`s one thing to have so much passion for hip-hop, it`s another to skillfully execute it at a brilliant level and this artist easily secures a distinction in both departments.

He seamlessly blends pidgin and English while keeping a tight grip on the beat and rhythm, creating a captivating fusion of cultures and expressions. The result is not only artistically impressive but also deeply engaging for the listener.

So, without further ado, I invite you to tap into Zigahnu’s ‘Missing in Action.’ Enjoy!

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