Zues Flow - Eeskay

Zues Flow – Eeskay, Mojo Af, and Masiano

Once in a while, I love indulging in tunes that set the mood just right – you know, keeping the room at that perfect balance between cool and hot, or maybe just lukewarm, haha. Zues Flow by Eeskay, Mojo Af, and Masiano fits that description to a tee: slow, grimy, and lyrically rich.

Many rappers can string together verses that weave tales of grandeur, but truly selling it requires a certain swagger that can’t be taught. On Zues Flow, Eeskay and Mojo Af exude a detached coolness, rapping with an uncommon confidence. If you haven’t experienced this track on a lazy afternoon, you may have very little idea of what it means to truly flex.

And one last thing – if you’re not cranking this joint up to the max, you’re definitely not doing it justice. I mean, how else are you supposed to fully enjoy the vibes brought by Eeskay, Mojo Af, and Masiano? 

Anyway, here`s a link to this classic.

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